Hold on!     Is this Crazy?   The scope of this “Self-Assigned Project?”  Individual folks, or groups somehow formed, attempting to create a Plan for a peaceful, non-violent, equitable, self-sustaining World Community?  Design a Process to put that in place?  Versus the most ambitious collective attempts to date.  (The United Nations? And  numerous collective International Treaties? )  

Innumerable  public interest groups already exist, representing nearly every element of the world community’s befuddled condition, that one can choose to participate in.     Let’s all Go For It.  But what is missing?   What’s getting in the way?    Below some random things  to consider. 

Throughout human history, first crudely and than with growing sophistication over thousands of years, “scholarly thinkers” have laid much good “ground work.” There’s one source of help.  Maybe “condense and catalogue summaries of all those Thinkers works?”  Ok, been tried many times.  So pick out the Best Five. Nominations?    

One Thing for Sure.  (A repeat from HOME Page.)   In every forum where we are speaking or exchanging otherwise with one another, We must Learn and Practice HOW to do it constructively. With Minds Open to hearing opposing viewpoints and their explanations, in order to learn from them.  It’s the only route to gradual progress to mutual understanding and compromise in compliance with the inviolable Values.   (And feel free to call me on it when I lapse on this.  🙂  

We must go Way Beyond watching the Nightly News (which can only be superficial, with a bias for the violent and dramatic.)  We must “go out looking” for more;” Way more intentional learning.  Ogoing, intentional, expanding of our viewpoints.

 Another Requisite.  The Boundaries of Religion:  The “Wall of Separation Between and Church and State.”  What it means and why it is a Must.  Every person entitled  to his and her personal beliefs, so long as they neither contain nor condone violence against the same freedom of others differing beliefs.  Thus no such arbitrary Religious tenant of conduct be enacted into the law of any community, including its’ own.  Nor otherwise to be imposed upon any other persons, unless the tenant has been incorporated into a “Universal Code of Human Conduct” applicable to all. 

So, The “Common Values” project itself.  How to “organize” it to accommodate our cultural diversity but banish all forms of violence.  

Capitalize on the Sciences, informed by the Humanities, to learn better to educate all, and offer interventions required for myriad masses of individuals to achieve functional, successful lives. 

Ensure that governance structures mobilize and disburse financial resources to those ends;” and “Ensure that these requisites are honored in all Community structures, public and private.

And, the Nature of Reality and the Cosmos. What Can be Known.

Religion, “Spiritualism,” Mysticism, and the related biological and physical Science. The Body and the Brain.

Racism.  “Race?  We’re all of a single Race: homo sapiens.  Why does “Racial Discrimination” still persist?  As it does widely, in varied forms.  Ranging from: Intentional, (and that variety from Strong & Angry to “mild dislike,”) at the worst.  To Unconscious,  Unintentional and widely Unwitting, at the other end of the spectrum.  And how the folks on the receiving end of it experience it.  

Feminism, in all it’s Incomplete Goals, including a Woman’s own Medical and Civil Freedom of Choice, Aspiration, and Action.  And all Strictures presently imposed by Religions and Cultures of all kinds, worldwide.

If we were successful in making physical life sustaining resources available to all  Why are HUGE numbers of Humans, anywhere and every where around the Planet, disfunctional in myriad different, complex personal ways; and thus failing at independent Survival?  The Innumerable combinations of individual experiences that account for why people become dis-functional.  With Scientific research  now yielding an array of effective Intervention Techniques, why are they not available to those who need them?

One useful Reference:  “The Affirmations of Humanism; a Statement of Principles”  (Will be Posted.)

WHAT ELSE, to you see is relevant to This Overall Goal: a self sustaining, equitable and peaceful world.    ??