Here a bit of Geophysics of personal interest.  Reading from the bi-weekly “Science News” magazine, (“SN”), published by the Society For Science And The Public. SN is the organization also conducts prestigious Competitions for science students of various age groups.  (I and many other subscribers to the magazine contribute SN to provide multiple subscriptions for use in the Science curriculum of local High Schools.) 

I haven’t yet sought SN’s  formal permission to reprint content in full, as would be valuable in some cases here.   So for now, and this Post, will instead be “para-comments.  “Here, about an article in a long past June 24, 2017 issue of SN.  Concerning the 2004 Indonesia 9.2 earthquake, in which more that 250,000 died; most from the tsunami.   I’ll leave you to track that SN issue down, but the bi-weekly SN is an extraordinarily excellent was to keep up with the frontiers of all the sciences.  This particular tale has scary relevance to those of us who live in other major Fault zones, like the Cascadia here on the northwest coast, and all of California  In a nutshell, research after the Indonesian mega-quake found that its’ extreme violence was the result of certain dehydrating transformation that had occurred in the lowest layer of the overlying sediment.   It cries out the question:  Shouldn’t the same investigation be done in the other major fault zones, Pronto?  Certainly the all the “hot” west coast faults

Do track down Science News. 

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