Allan’s New Blog

OK Kaaaay!  Here it is. (After months of  re-writing the “Introductory” text on the first two pages, trying to make sense.)  Finally, on to the BLOG Page.  First, this “How It Works” POST.  (And maybe one or two more short “what to expect about my POSTS.”)   These will remain here, below all other Posts.   Hereafter, each of my New Posts will appear at the Top.  You will also see Comment button if you’d like to respond to it.  For that original Post, It and any/all Comments in order, will remain showing there, and called a “conversation” on the subject.   Thereafter, each time I Post on a new, different subject, it appears on the Page In Place of the last Post and conversation.  But the prior Post conversation is preserved, in a chronological file by Title.  The link to that file appears on the right side of the Page.  Any of the prior subject conversation can be opened and added to, from that “history” file.   Each of my “New Subject” Posts will show on this Page until superceded by a new one.  “Quality of Discourse”?  Hey, all viewpoints are invited!  And need to be heard, in order to find what we have in common. So let us Truly Listen to the “other,” with an open mind, and Hear what they are trying to say.  That’s how to understand one another. And discover that we all have something worthwhile to know, as we go on trying to survive together worldwide.
Revised December 27, 2017

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