Good Day, Y’all.   Another BLOG??   Ok,  Why?  What’s  worth my time here?  Below on this HOME Page, (and continuing on the ABOUT Page), is a rambling Introduction.  Read it and if you’re still  interested:  For new POSTS and COMMENTS, go directly to  BLOG PAGE.  (This “Intro” is always under revision;  so consider occasional re-visits here, for exciting new Insights!  🙂  

So who is this?  A rumpled 82 year old guy;  modestly educated, but no “expert” credentials.  Declining physical mobility; can only dream of wondering around in the mountains like I used to.   But I still want to try to do something constructive, for the Community and world.  One defining lifelong trait:  Curiosity!  “How Does The World Work?  Everything about, and Beyond!”  Ranging from all our tools of daily life; to the sorry state of “Public Affairs” world-wide; and on out to the limits of the “Cosmos.”

 My intention is for this to be about Issues that we, You and I, believe are important to “Society, the “Common Good,” (local to Worldwide).   On many issues, we  may disagree.  No one yet has Final Answers; and thus all of our most fundamental viewpoints are “Tentative.” I hope for Open Minded Discussion of them here.  That is, listening and learning from one another;  as opposed to Arguing about them so’s to “Win” the Point.  So, however strongly we hold our views, lets think before we speak and write, and frame our views without offense.

I’m attempting to go on learning; with a reading list of both classic and new Books, and periodicals.  Commentary on History, current Public affairs, and several Science Journals.  A Disclosure: I am predisposed to Science, as the bedrock of Reality.  All of the Sciences, individually and as they work in concert; along with  Philosophy and “the Humanities” as they “inform” the Sciences.   My goal is to learn things that, within my physical limitations, I can personally act upon; and to  encourage us all to do the same.  

The literal survival of Mom and Pop Earth, and all of us riding along on, is at risk as never before in Human history.  Our  rising cumulative numbers and our combined impact.  We’ve got to change many, if not all, of our myriad impacts.  The tens of thousands of ways , in our diverse individuality, we’re unwittingly straining the Planet’s capacity.   That’s been our Responsibility from the beginning of sentient human life; and now it’s become our most fundamental “Project.”  And what a Project!  Define and Create a non-violent, cooperative, tolerant, uniformly constructive, vastly more equitable, self regulating and sustaining World Community. 


How to comprehend and then effectuate the requisite elements of a peaceful, tolerant, cooperative, uniformly constructive and equitable, self-sustaining world Community.   Unfathomable?  Nearly.   But we reached the mass and energy at which it’s mandatory.  The imperative for us to find the personal resources to pitch in  

A Guess where to start:  two “beginning” Priorities.”  At the Opposite ends of the spectrum.    (1) Define the “Fundamental Human Values” that must prevail in common, in all communities.  Accommodating diversity within the boundaries of freedom of non-violent thought and action.  (1)(a) Secure “buy in” from the broadest possible range of Private and Public entities sufficient to appoint one (or more) “World Committee” charged to develop a “list” of the  

 (2) Concurrently, learn more of, and embrace, Reality; i.e. how the natural world works, and how homo sapiens can adapt to it.   The “mechanics) of the  Natural World (and The Cosmos), which define our boundaries of action.  What is Real?  What is True?  The physical World and all our human actions?   All around us.  What is Factual?  (And what does that mean)?  And what does “Reality” have to say about our Real Future?  Here on Mother Earth, our speck in the Cosmos. 

One piece of that latter:   How did we get here on earth?   The choice between Science and God, (or some supernatural entity with all the “God-like” powers)?  It is the “Scientific” (Realist)  consensus that we emerged from interstellar gas and dust as a rocky Planet;  and the interaction of inorganic materials and forces producing the first forms of life.  And that rudimentary organic Life evolved over billions of years through successive forms with increasing mobility and ultimately consciousness.   And onward to a brain capable of searching for the breadth and depth of reality.  Alongside our “modern history” of  desperate fumbling with Belief, Culture and Governance, trying to learn how to survive together peacefully.  That scenario, employing the step-by-step “Scientific Method”  to learn more of what is real, presents the further premise that we homo sapiens are On-Our- Own, to act within  the natural world’s limits, to Survive here on Mother Earth.   So.  What is being learned on the “Frontiers” of the Sciences and Humanities currently, to help?

Survival is truly at it’s biggest risk in World History.  No long accounting of the unprecedented threats here.  Just couple that are denied, or unnoticed.  The “denied category is familiar.  Primarily warming?   Good luck with that alone.  But in fact Humanity in its’ sheer mass is comprehensively impacting the ecosphere to an end condition incompatible with human life.  Colonize Mars or other destinations?  As  enthusiastic and acclaimed as it proponents are, write it off.   The scale it would require is so great that that we’ll have self destructed long before.   The lurking “In-noticed” class conceivably could give us a shot.   It has two parts.  (1) the majority of the world’s population which lacks the basic physical necessities for life, either in hand or in reasonable prospect, and thus no surplus of resources to learn of the reality.  (2)  although some sizeable proportion of class (1) folks reside conceptually here also, it is the totality of the population which concludes that there exists a higher power upon which we can rely in order to know that “things will work out;” and that in one manner or other we will be spared the consequences of a radically changed planet.   

That is to say, to a huge Majority of the World’s population, our problematic conditions are simply Unknown, Misunderstood, and/or Unfathomable.  And within that fatal majority, only a tiny minority have the personal resources;  (time, energy, and/or the interest) to self-educate and join the Fray.  Thus, all of us who do see and understand the urgency, must become Activists, to the full extent of our individual resources.   (That’s not to say at the expense of our other obligations and enjoyments.  Help Rejuvenate by stopping to look Outside, many times daily, at the Majesty of the Natural world.)

Back briefly, directly to the “Higher Power.”  Instead, did a supernatural entity initiate what now exists?  Does an omniscient, omnipotent supernatural Power still oversee us and rule our fate, rather than natural evolution of the Cosmos?   (Belief in a “higher power” is not necessarily inconsistent with Natural evolution, as many Theologians and Adherents know.  They see “God” as the autonomous natural world and life upon it.  And thoughtful Religious Adherents encourage “Science and Humanities” to go on learning.)  But, had our detectable Cosmos been initiated by a supernatural “god like” entity, it would have unfold exactly as it all has.  From the chemical, physical and biological process we know to be real.  Our Real World is inherent and implicit.  Thus back to the reference “the Scientific Method.”  It follows that Science is our sole access to reality, while it is investigating issues and premises including those suggested by Philosophy and the Humanities.   With the goal of learning the nature of all things we can apprehend.  

 So then, if Science predominates, then where do Religion, Spirituality, Alien Experiences, etc. fit in?   We humans  do experience these phenomena, so they are in some manner real too.  Part of that answer:  We “experience” everything first through the Brain.  Many things, like pain, surely are Real.  Yet we first experience it in our “Consciousness.”  Same as everything else that is physically tangible.  And so also with all those intangible experiences.  They too Feel Real, but are they?  In some tangible, verifiable manner?  One Note:  Current Scientific research in Brain Mechanics, even with the incomplete scientific tools we so far have, shows that the brain can create myriad kinds of mental experiences with a “physical feeling” component.  On it’s own, without any detectable “input.” 

Hey, time for something lighter.   “Science from the earliest.”   Meet Mr. or Ms. Caveperson:  “I need something to dismember this animal I killed, to cook and eat it more easily.  Maybe I can make something sharp from the different kinds of rock here in the cave.  When I pound on the edge of this big rock with a smaller piece of thia other kind, a piece of the big one breaks off and it has a  sharp edge!  OK! Now I have my “Pounding stone and my cutting stone”   🙂   A scientific experiment yields tools, just like all of our “technology.”  Which is by definition everything we use in every facet of our lives).   And early Human “Philosophy,” leading to Religion:  “The violence that comes down from the sky.  I don’t know what causes it.  I want to know what causes it, and ask it to stop.  But I don’t know how.   So I’ll appeal to the sky.   And call it “God.” 

We find ourselves living on a Physical planet which permitted the origin of life and of habitat allowing homo sapiens and all the rest of life around us to survive and continue to evolve.  Our place in the cosmos. Let’s accept responsibility for it.

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